Louis Vuitton wants to turn your handbags into a portable TV:

In 1962, with his TWA Flight Center, Eero Saarinen changed the world architecture, an avian — and maybe alien — shape looming over the outskirts of John F Kennedy (then called Idlewild) airport. Nicolas Ghesquière arrived at the underground location fifty-seven years later to revolutionize the handbag. Between the ruffs of Elizabethan-meets-disco, the suit of Blade Runner and the embellishment of Chrysler Building. Louis Vuitton’s Resort 2020 show was a handful of bags with functioning canvas video screens on their sides.

“The latest LV handbags named the” Canvas of the Future with AMOLED-technology”

For those old enough to remember a time before smartphones, well, they’ll note this isn’t the first time a TV has appeared on the LV runway. Back in October 2007, i.e. In the early days of the iPhone, Vuitton’s artistic director Marc Jacobs took his bow with a mini trunk at the end of the Spring 2008 show with an LED screen playing Sponge Bob Square pants. The reference was a penny, coming at the end of Jacobs’s inaugural collaboration with Richard Prince, and pointed. Earlier in the season, Jacobs had been accused of plagiarizing color schemes and silhouettes from Comme des Garçons’s Rei Kawakubo for his Surrealist eponymous collection shown in New York. “I’m a fan of Sponge Bob Square Pants—and for all I know, so is Rei Kawakubo, because that’s where our color came from!” he told Sarah Mower at the time.

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