Travel Hacks – Top 20 Useful Travel Tips

Going on any journey, a million questions start spinning in my head! In order to get the fees, as well as the vacation itself, go without stress, you should resort to the following life hacks :

Travel tips before you travel

1. Search and buy tickets at the best time

As a rule, search engines are designed so that airfare is higher on Fridays and weekends. People have more time these days to surf the Internet, respectively, there is a greater chance that someone will buy a ticket. This means that these days it is more profitable for airlines to sell. But for ordinary consumers exactly the opposite! Check out the same flights on Monday-Thursday and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Search and buy tickets at the best time

2. Make a list of what to take with you

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Gathering hastily and at the last moment, you risk forgetting half of your things. Therefore, the banalest but effective Travel life hack is to write on paper or on the phone, as it is more convenient for anyone, at least a couple of days before the trip, what you need to take. Took a thing – struck out from the list!

3. Download Google maps to your phone or takes the paper

Wi-Fi or mobile Internet is not always at hand. But if you download all the maps you need to your phone in advance, you don’t have to worry that you’ve lost your way or lost the attraction you wanted to see

4. Download useful apps

Nowadays, there are a lot of useful applications for travelers: a translator, booking accommodation, how to call a taxi, find where to eat, places best to visit, etc. Download them in advance, and on vacation, you will not have to waste time searching for information on the Internet.

5. Make photocopies of documents and photos on your phone

It is better not to carry the original documents with you unnecessarily in order to avoid losing them. Try to use copies – as a rule, tourists rarely find fault with them if they show a copy of their passport in hotels and transport.

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6. Save or print booking tickets or hotels

It often happens that you need the Internet to find your boarding ticket or the address of a booked hotel. In order not to run in search of Wi-Fi, prepare these important little things in advance on paper or save to your phone.

Useful little things on the road

7. Body bag for documents

One of the most useful things on the road and just the perfect luggage life hack – you put all important documents in your carry-on bag, and you don’t have to worry that someone will pull them out of your backpack or suitcase pocket.

8. Roll your clothes

Firstly, it takes up much less space and even regular backpack hacks for clothes will fit enough clothes. Secondly, things will not wrinkle so much and you will not have to look for an iron later to iron them.

Roll your clothes

9. Empty the water bottle

Everyone knows that large liquids are not allowed at the airport. But you can always take an empty bottle with you and fill it with drinking water after passing the control. So you don’t have to spend money on expensive water from shops.

10. Portable charging

Take a power bank with you and extend the life of your phone or camera when there is nowhere to charge. 

11. Plastic bags 

Ideal when there is no special waterproof phone case and you are caught in the rain. By the way, if you have a large garbage bag with you, you can cover your backpack with it, and then your things will definitely remain dry.

12. ATM instead of an exchanger

As practice shows, when you arrive it is cheaper to withdraw money through an ATM. Exchange offices at airports travel Hacks always charge higher transaction fees. 

13. Small jars for creams, gels, and shampoos

In order not to take up a lot of space in your suitcase, transfer the required amount of cream in advance into small jars and bottles, or even into packaging for contact lenses. It is unlikely that you will spend a whole package during your vacation – it will be a pity to throw it away, and to take it back will only take up extra space. 

14. Plastic wrap to prevent liquid leaks

A great life hack when you need to take shampoo, gel, or anything else liquid. Just wrap the neck with a piece of cling film and screw on the top or cap as usual. The result is a very sealed structure.

15. Plastic cling film for jewelry

Again, cling film comes to the rescue when you want to make jewelry with you. Separate each with a film like a sandwich, and nothing is scratched. 

16. Covers-organizers for clothes

Very handy when you don’t want to take out all the T-shirts every time to find socks! Different items of clothing in different covers, and you always know where to get it.

17. Adapter-adapter

It is better to buy a universal adapter with all kinds of socket options once and carry it with you. So you will never again have to guess what outlets in a particular country.


18. Case for chargers and wires

Who knows the feeling when you want to get the right charger, but you must first untangle the socket, which is somewhere at the very bottom of the bag? So to prevent this from happening, but all the wires and charges in one small case and keep it in an accessible place

19. Garbage bags

A convenient option when you are on a hike and need to put dirty things somewhere. A regular trash bag is great for separating worn items from clean items.

20. Wet wipes

A great travel invention. It is very convenient to wipe your face, remove makeup, or wipe your hands when there is no water nearby.

Who else has ideas for helpful tips and life hacks? Leave your comments.

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